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Hey everyone, so ever since Vanessa and I put our Netflix account on hold, we started using Redbox for those times we wanted to watch a movie. Redbox has a deal going on right now where if you create an account with them and reserve a movie from their website, your first rental will be free. (Sorry, this doesn't apply to those of you who have already created an account with them and have reserved a movie from their website).

For those of you who aren't sure how Redbox works, it's pretty simple. They have stations located pretty much everywhere now. Usually you'll find them at Walmarts CVS, Walgreens, etc. You go to the Redbox, select the movie you want, swipe your credit/debit card and rent the movie. A movie costs $1 (or $1.50 for BluRay) for one day. When you rent a movie the movie is due back the following night at 9pm. So whether you rent a movie at 6am or 9pm on Monday, for example, the movie will be due back that Tuesday at 9pm. If you return it after 9pm you will be charged for another day. You do NOT have to return the movie to the Redbox you rented it from. So you can rent a movie from a Redbox in Seattle, WA, watch it on your laptop while you fly across the country, and return it to a Redbox in Columbia, SC.

Redbox's website also allows you to find the nearest Redbox that has the movie you want and lets you reserve it online. This is convenient for when you want to get one of those popular movies that everyone else is renting. It stinks to get to a Redbox only to find out the movie you wanted to rent is not at that particular Redbox.

So for those of you who would like to try Redbox out, if you go to the following link, create an account, your 1st reservation will be free (of course you will be charged normal late fees if you return the movie late). And by using this link, with your 1st reservation we will get a free rental as well! So it's a win - win situation!

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