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If you live in Columbia, SC, and you love to blog as much as I do, then you should enter (or root me on!) in the Lexington Medical Center Every Woman Blog Contest! My mom cut out a newspaper article calling for inspiring bloggers to enter in the contest with the opportunity to win $250! She said, "Here you go, Heloise. This has your name written all over it!"

With so many blog contests out there this one is so fun and unique, because it is asking for bloggers that are willing to inspire women in the Midlands! That just goes down to the bottom of my heart!

Many of you know by now my own life-story, as I am willing to share with whoever I meet! Just the other day, I was having some coffee with some girl friends when I shared the reasons why I am still here today! I was a happy-go-lucky, probably rather selfish college student, when my life, literally turned upside down in a battle-for-breath disease that struck me down, slowed me down to new things, and opened my eyes to true life in Jesus. Ulcerative Colitis was a disease that I had grown accustomed to living with. It ruled my life and had me in and out of hospitals. Many of you prayed and prayed for me and sent me encouragement when I was the one needing to be inspired and lifted up! I will never forget how many cards I received and how after time went on with still no answers, how they came from people in states I didn't even know! I lost my colon that year, but gained 10 times as much as I realized what living this life is all about! It's a true gift from God given to do just what this contest wants to do: inspire! I don't know if I will win, but I do want to encourage some of you to enter, too!

The things some of you local Columbia friends write and share in your blogs ARE what inspires me to live each day to the fullest! I know some of you are struggling through hard family times, are adopting and need to raise money towards those adoptions, or may just need a little fun contest to get excited about! If so, you should head on over to the Lexington Medical Center Facebook page to enter your statement on why you are a blogger that can represent and inspire women in the Midlands! The last day to enter is July 29th, so hurry on over!

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