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If you are wondering if I fell off the blogging planet this week, well, it's because my little boy and I spent the last week in Memphis visiting my best friend/roommate from college, Stephanie! She just had a little girl 9 weeks ago (already sleeping through the night...grr! jk) and I fell in love with Nola forevermore! We had a GREAT time together! The babies did great! Cai loved Nola and their dog, Paisley, of course!

There are some people in this one life that God puts right in your path that love you no matter what and that is who Stephanie is to me. She is an encourager, a listener, has a heart full of the Holy Spirit & his wisdom, and most of all, my sister from another mother! Not to mention we are so silly together and can laugh, laugh, laugh! This time together was so good for our souls and it was so much fun to be mommies together!

Here's Steph and her little La La (a nickname I blessed this child with that stuck! Don't you love her!?)
 The thing about Steph and I is that we almost always have this innate quality to dress almost identical even though we are miles apart. We are convinced that we daily wear the same exact outfits even though we can't see each other. We literally got dressed ON DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE HOUSE and came out wearing almost the same shirt with shorts. That's just one of the many examples...

While in Memphis, Stephanie did a good job of giving me a taste of not only the city, but some of the amazing sweet treats that locals rave over! Let me introduce you to some of them....
Jerry's Sno Cones - This might seem like a rusty hole in the wall joint and it sure looks like it, but boy do they have the best Supreme Sno Cones on the planet! Their snow cones aren't just any snow cones! They mix soft serve vanilla with shaved ice! Skeptical, like me?! You just need to make a trip to enjoy and you will realize you are missing out! Cai sure loved it!
The next sugar high was Muddy's Cup Cakes! Everybody needs a little lovin' from the oven!
Yes, we did eat at TWO dessert places in ONE day! Did I mention we were on vacation?
Lastly, was a real treat (a couple days later!) at La Michoacana. La Michoacana is a Mexican Ice Cream Parlor and it was incredibly different than anything I have ever eaten and a totally new favorite! They have ice cream, frozen drinks, and popsicles in the best flavors, like Pineapple cheese and pistachio!
Am I a bad mommy because I let my 10.5 month old have some sugary tastes? Nope, I think that makes me a good mommy! See Nola zonked out over there!

If you were to ask Micaiah what was his favorite thing about the trip, he would probably tell you (if he could talk) it was the DOG book! Did I mention how much he loves dogs? So much so that his 1st birthday is going to be a Doggy Dog Party. Not only did the Robnetts have their own dog, but they owned the BEST dog book out there. One we read about 30 times in 5 days! Not lying!
These lines in the book are still in my head: "Perky little puppy dog; wag, wag, wag (you pull a tab to make the tail wag)" AND "Sniff the tree. All dogs poop. All dogs pee." (You pull the tab to make the dog's leg go up and he pees. Little boys think that is awesome! Secretly, so do mommies).

Memphis is known for The King of Rock....the hunka, hunka, burnin' love...Elvis. I couldn't bypass the opportunity for a quick photo op at Sun Studio for my musician of a husband. Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and BB King all recorded here.
We ate at The Arcade for of Elvis' favorite diners!

Memphis is located on the Mississippi River. We had some good outside time during our trip. We visited a park on Mudd Island right on the Mississippi. My mom grew up in Iowa on the Mississippi, so this one is for you, Mama! 
We also took a walk on The Memphis Greenline. The Greenline is a long trail, once a railroad track, that goes for miles and a great place for the outdoors. Don't I look so Momish? I fell in love with the B.O.B Revolution next double stroller purchase (when baby 2 comes along) Not yet for you people's heart that just jumped! 
More than anything though, this trip renewed my heart for Jesus. We did some fun things, but my favorite times were the deep conversations, the moments of honesty and love that were poured out, the iron sharpening iron of a sweet friend. We left each other feeling full, full of good things, and that's what makes this trip one I will always, always cherish. 
"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." -Proverbs 27:18 (NLT)

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