9 Month Stats - Micaiah


We went to the doctor this week for Micaiah's 9 month appointment. Usually I write the monthly post AFTER his visits, so I can include all of this information in it, but his 9 month appointment was the day that I got terribly sick with the stomach bug and I had to reschedule it. I just thought I would add another little post to this one, so that I have it all in one spot.

  • He is 95th percentile for height at 30.75 inches long. 
  • He is 75th percentile for weight & head circumference at 23 lbs, 1 oz and 18.1 inches. (I think this is due to the fact that he hasn't really taken off with real food yet, but we are SLOWLY getting there. He actually started picking things up and eating more different types of food. So far his favorite is ham and avocado. He actually tolerated picking up and eating blueberries and mandarin oranges. I was holding my breath while he toyed with the fruit and then he actually picked it up, still gave the yucky face, but ate it, so PROGESS! 
  • His Hemoglobin Test came in somewhere around 11. 
  • Developmentally everything is right on target: He has started crawling, cruising a tad, he loves to stand up (especially in his crib, but hasn't figured the getting back down skill), and he is picking things up. We are still working on the pincher grasp, but he will get it, I'm sure. 
  • He will babble plenty. We mostly hear "Da-Da" (especially when he doesn't like something) and the occasionaly "Da-Dee" type sounds. Lots of "Gee-Gee" or "Ga", an occasionaly "mmm" sound. Lots of sucking in air to make an excited "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sound. He's too funny.
  • He is teething like crazy. He is getting all 8 front teeth at the same time right now.
  • He's a beautiful baby boy! :) We love him! We feel so blessed by the Lord for him!
 P.S. 9 months is my favorite age so far!

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