9 Months is Almost Gone...


18 months ago, we were crying and jumping up and down with excitement at the thought that God was giving us a baby! 9 months passed and we entered into this thing called Parenthood, relying on God's grace to get us through! 9 months after that we are at today....saying goodbye to our Cai's 9th month of life! It's just all happening so fast!

I think this month we have seen the biggest change in developmental stage, yet. We went from not being mobile to crawling all over and being into everything! I thought you might want to see a little glimpse at what our afternoon looks like with a crawler and why I have no time to get anything done!
{We play in things we shouldn't}
{We get moved to a new spot and crawl right back to where we shouldn't}

{We hear mommy say "NO" and gaze longingly into the place we aren't allowed to go anymore...but we actually LISTEN this time...Yay!}
{We go to a new area of the house and get into more things we shouldn't}
{We get fussy because we have 6 more teeth coming in at once}
{Later, it is time for a bath which we LOVE with an excited passion}
{And we crawl all around in the tub like crazy}
{We eat a ducky}
{Abe comes to check us out}
{Abe thinks....It looks quite nice in there...I think I will join you, Sir}
{Please, don't make us get out!}
{We dry off and get into more trouble. "No" is new word we are not liking so much!}
{And get stuck in Baby Jail..."Get me OUTTA HERE!"}
{Mommy makes Jail seem fun!}

Well, there you have it! Even though my sweet boy is growing up before our very eyes, I, Vanessa, had some really sweet moments that only a mother gets blessed with. Today was a busy day and when we got home, I nursed him and he fell asleep and just was so cuddly that I didn't want to lay him down. One thing about my boy is that he loves to cuddle with his mommy (still working on cuddling with daddy)! I've also noticed an increased attention span. Whereas prior, he wouldn't even listen to hardly one page from a book, sometimes, now, he will let you read at least 3/4 of a book to him. I'm going to miss these baby days, I just know it!

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