Burnt Out and Renewed!


I am sure that my sweet girl friends are going to seriously laugh that I am blogging about our time together tonight, but it was something that God used to HEAL my burnt out soul! Tonight, I had a girls night out with three very sweet friends. It was so funny how we were all in the same place in the many different areas of life. Burnt out tired amidst adopting babies, burnt out tired from life, burnt out tired. period.

Moms get tired. We do SO much. We barely give ourselves much credit. Others don't really give it. We don't make time for ourselves, yet we give, give, give. Well, I really realized tonight that I need to change that. It's not that I want to get more "selfish" with my time, but in order to be balanced and able to handle the millions of things I deal with on a daily basis, and for my mental sanity, I honestly need some time to myself. I need it to be structured and guaranteed.

Something that came out of our time tonight was that, as moms, we have more fulfilled ordered days when we spend time with Jesus DAILY. I admit that somehow I have become a lazy Christian that doesn't spend time with Jesus regularly. I used to, back when.... However, that has to change. No more excuses. I'm getting up early, even if I don't want to. I'm going to CHOOSE to be motivated. To help me, Carla suggested reading this book, the Free ebook Maximize Your Mornings.

I need 1)time for myself daily 2)time with Jesus daily 3) time exercising daily 4)a good book I'm reading 5)time with good friends weekly 6) time away from my baby (at least once a week).

The problem with my new "job" is that I never EVER ever leave it. At least when I was working full time I could shut my classroom door, cool down on the way home, and leave it all behind when I walked through the door of my house. Now, I'm always home taking care of my baby and while I'm super blessed and love this blessing of staying home; never leaving it really is causing a mental sanity issue.

In order for me to start my day out right, I'm going to take the advice of one friend and put my alarm clock in my bathroom and go to bed right now.... Good night friends!

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