Biggest Excuse I have with Early Mornings!


My biggest excuse that I make for myself with early mornings and how I justify not waking up early is when we have a rough night and I don't get much sleep.

So, last night I was all motivated and even motivated my husband to get up early with me. (Side note: Hart is ALWAYS better at mornings than me. He is way more of an early riser than I am.) I put my cell phone in our bathroom and set the alarm for 6 am.

Then, this happened. (Times are not exact, but I think this was somewhat of the order of things).

2:00 am - I woke up burning up hot and woke up from a dream where I ran out of hot pink thread for my friend Merideth Davis (No lie...I'm dreaming about sewing here something and couldn't find my hot pink thread....I know she will find this funny! ahahahaha). I realized when I woke up that our power was completely off. And there was an absolutely CRAZY thunder storm outside. I woke up Hart to call SCE&G. We opened our bedroom windows and tried to cool down.
2:30 am - It sounded like Jesus was doing some SERIOUS bowling outside. I lie awake unable to fall back asleep so hot and the thunder was SO loud. I just laid there praying for our safety and that God would make the thunder clouds move on so that they wouldn't wake up our baby.
2:45ish - God answered my prayer. The thunder clouds moved on and just soft rain was heard. It really was relaxing.
2:50 - Micaiah started wimpering a little. He cried out a few times, but sounded as if he was going back to sleep.
3:00 am - KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK (Someone was knocking on our door, really? What time was it again? Maybe it was the power company? We still had no power. I was cringing because I knew that no power meant no fans running in Micaiah's room and his room was right next to the VERY loud persistent KNOCKING.) Hart answers door. Comes back to our bedroom. "Who was it?" I ask. Oh, it was just one of the crazy neighbors that is super sweet, but not always very thoughtful offering us an entire box of candles if we needed them since the power was out. Yes, I'm not entire box of candles at 3am.
3:03 am - Micaiah starts crying again. I blame the KNOCKING!!! 
3:05 am - (I think this event was going on earlier, not really sure). Hart and I lie awake and we can hear another VERY LOUD neighbor that I call the Crazy Carpet Cleaning Man through our windows outside in the RAIN yelling about some tornadoes that came through somewhere. He yapped on and on and Hart went to look and see what he was doing outside talking so loudly. Who knows, really?
3:15 - 3:30 am - The power comes back on! Yay! We close windows and push the air down  to cool the house off. We try to ignore our persistent child. However, Micaiah is still crying and growing more and more loud by the minute. I finally feel like maybe we should go in and give him Tylenol. At this point, I just want him to go back to sleep. Hart goes in while I try to drift off to sleep. Several minutes later, Cai won't stop. I decide I better go in and he squeals in some kind of delightful squeal once he sees me that showed complete relief like he really was in pain or something and just needed mommy. He completely relaxed in my arms and I rocked him for several minutes and Hart and I sang to him and put him down. He didn't cry at all, just fell back to sleep.
3:35 am - We all are probably asleep. At this point, I have absolutely NO motivation for waking up early in the morning.

6:00 am - My alarm goes off in the bathroom. I snooze it 3 times and get back in bed.
Time Unkown to Me - Hart get's out of bed. I told you he was better about mornings than me.
7:15 am - I wake up and stop Hart who is just about to go into Micaiah's room. NO! Let me have 15 minutes before we get him! I down a glass of juice and grab my Bible. I read for 15 minutes, pray, and feel awesome about my day!  It's amazing how just even 15 minutes can change your perspective!
7:30 am - We get our sweet boy up and we start our day!

Hey, it's a start!

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