Biggest Excuse I have with Early Mornings! - Part 2 (From Hart's Perspective)


So I just saw this post, you can read it here, by Vanessa. I figured I would share my perspective.

Last night Vanessa was really motivated to wake up early this morning to have time to spend with Jesus, and once we got on that schedule, hopefully down the road  have time to also workout. I kiddingly gave her a hard time about it, because that's just who I am, but I was actually glad she was motivated to do this. I'll go through spurts where I'll try to get up super early to work out and have quiet times, but it's just so hard to do that when you look over and see your spouse sound asleep. At first the excitement is enough to get you out of bed, but after a few weeks that excitement is gone, and you find yourself falling back asleep! Anyways, we set our alarms and went to bed.

I was woken up by Vanessa from a super deep sleep, I guess around 2am. I'm sweating like crazy, and am not happy I was just woken up. I look to see what time it is, not really hearing/comprehending what Vanessa says to me. The clock is off. I hear super loud thunder going on outside. It took another minute or so, but I finally am awake enough now to put 2 and 2 together and realize our power is out due to this storm. We opened the windows to cool off the room. It thundered really loud for another probably 30 minutes, keeping us awake.

Overall what Vanessa said was correct, however, the Crazy Carpet Guy was before the neighbor with candles. While it was still thundering and lightning, we heard a tree crack and fall. I could tell by the sound it didn't seem like it was in our vicinity, so I wasn't too worried it would hit our house or anything. Shortly after that the storm died down, and that's when we heard the Crazy Carpet Guy outside talking real loudly. This morning when I left for work I realized, that tree we heard fall was in his front yard. It didn't look like to me that it hit his house though. So I guess he went outside to inspect the tree last night. While we were listening to him, our neighbor with the candles knocked on our door. He actually wasn't offering us a whole box of candles. He was just offering us some candles, in case we needed any. Yes, he probably did wake up Micaiah, but it was sweet of him. He wanted to make sure we were alright. And as he left our house he said he was going to head across the street to our neighbor named Mrs. Dale, who is an older lady in probably her 80s, to make sure she was ok.

Anyways, the rest of what Vanessa said was right. It was definitely an eventful night!

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