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When Micaiah turned 6 months, I thought, wow, I can't believe we are at 6 months! Only one month has passed and I feel like 7 months seems so much older! I guess it's that same feeling, like when I turn 26 this year, I'm THAT much closer to being old and 30....hahaha! 30 just sounds weird...

Anyways! (Sorry, 30 somethings!) Back to the fact that my little boy is really turning more into a boy and less like a newborn!

Here was us at 6 months:

And here we are at 7 months:
I feel like he definitely looks "meatier" this month! We almost forgot to take a picture with Fievel yesterday, so he is wearing his crazy pajamas for you, that are 18 month size...way too big!

I'm trying to think about what has changed from last month to this month! I guess I can say that I like this month the best, so far. He's more fun all around, and I feel like that part of things is just going to continue. He smiles all the time, and giggles. I love when he wants MORE of something, because he waves his arms and does this heavy breathing sound that just makes you laugh!

Just for my reference so that I can know if we ever have a second baby: we are down to just 4 nursings a day now, which means we are on a 4 hour schedule, with two main naps, and an optional 3rd nap. I think he is in the midst of dropping the 3rd nap. Yesterday, he refused to take it and he screamed crying in his crib for around 15 minutes, so I just decided that he wasn't going to take it and got him up. He was fine the rest of the day. The day before we were out running errands and he fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the car, so I think if he is really tired, he will take it on busier days, but when we are just around the house, he probably doesn't need it. Naps don't happen if we are not at home anymore. He knows he is at a different house and won't miss out on the fun.

My parenting style is much more laid back these days. I am not militaristic about getting him down at certain times, just round about times, and it works well for us. He has a wake time of about 2 hours right now before the first nap, 2.5 hrs before the second nap, and then can handle being awake for most of the afternoon, with an early bed time of about 6 - 6:30 pm. We get him up in the morning around 7 - 7:30 am. I like putting him to bed early. It gives me a nice break and evening to spend with my husband! I'm so thankful that he sleeps 12.5 hours on average at night.

At 7 months, Micaiah weighs about 20 lbs, 12 oz, wearing a little of his 6 - 9 month clothes, but mostly 12 month sizes. He is about 31 inches long, so we had to move him up to the next size car seat! We did decide on the Britax Marathon 70. It was that one or the Graco MyRide 65. We got the Britax for a good sale price and I really, really like it. Due to his height and length, we needed a larger car seat that I knew would last my 95th %tile child! New foods he has tried this month are cherrios, kiwi pureed, and multi-grain cereal. He still enthusiastically drinks from a cup most of the time. We are NOT looking like we are too close to crawling at the current moment, but yesterday, he was straining to pull himself up from the floor, so I have no idea if that means he will skip the crawling and go straight to walking.

A quick look at our fun 7th month:

Bath time is fun now, because he picks up toys and plays with them. He loves to chew on those foam alphabet letters!

This funny smile is what makes me just laugh at him! He does this a lot.

We like to visit Pixie the horse at his GranMama's house, but mostly just love to be with my GranMama!

He also had a ball meeting my 4th graders from last year at HCA! They loved him and he loved them!
Just a couple more weeks to go before his cousin Naomi moves back to SC! We are so excited about the fun the two of them will have together now that they are older! On to 8 months...

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