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Hi friends! As some of you know, last summer, while pregnant with Micaiah, I finally learned how to sew. Hart has been my biggest supporter in encouraging me to keep going! I came up with My plan was to have a business to sell some of the things that I make to benefit missionaries, or families adopting, but I'm changing that to a degree.

Having a baby makes it pretty hard to make a lot of things for a "store", because you have to have so much inventory built up, and in this stage of life, let's be honest...that's not really happening! Making it more into a "business" also sapped my creative energy. It turned into a CHORE versus a FUN hobby that I love. I kept having this added pressure and feeling guilty that I haven't done what I was supposed to do!

HOWEVER, I realized that one of my favorite things to do is to look at other people's craft blogs. I love their sewing projects and I bookmark tutorials to try. Some of them do have a store that they put some of their things into, but it's not a MUST. They give great ideas, show how they did their projects, and get me motivated!

That's my new goal with DesignsBySessa. I am hoping that my lovely blog friends will subsribe to my DesignsBySessa blog. I will be posting (weekly) my different sewing projects or different creative projects that I accomplish. AND if you see something you love on there that you want made, THEN, you can let me know and I will do it for you!

Head on over by clicking on the links to see a cute seersucker bib and burp cloth that I recently made for a precious baby girl! I'm also going to be starting on a new project to help Kim Leong re-cover some pillows for her living room. Stay tuned for more!

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