It Won't Be Like this for Long


So a lot of times on Saturday mornings I'll get up and take care of Micaiah so that Vanessa can get another 2 or so hours of sleep. The routine usually consists of after V has nursed him she hands him off to me, I take him and Abe out of our bedroom, closing the door behind me, and head out to the living room. While Cai is sitting on the floor playing with his toys, I'm in the kitchen getting his solid food ready, and also fixing breakfast for V and myself. If he starts fussing that either means he fell onto his back and can't get up, or he's ready to eat (usually the 1st 3 or 4 times means he fell on his back). When's he ready to eat I stop fixing our breakfast and go get him. Put him in the highchair, put his bib on him, and feed him his solids (this morning it was mixed grains, applesauce, and banana). After I feed him, I clean him and the highchair up. Then I put him back down to play for a little while. This morning he played for an additional 10 minutes, and then by about 9:10 he started fussing, which means he is ready for his nap. I take him back to his room, change his diaper (and clothes if necessary), sing the 1st verse of 'Be Thou My Vision' to him, kiss him, lay him in his crib, turn his mobile on that plays one of those nursery songs, tell him good night and I love him, and then leave the room. By this point I am wide awake and there is no way I can go fall back asleep.

I'm writing this post NOT for y'all to take pity on me that I have to get up early. I'm NOT writing this post for y'all to applaud me for the fact that I get up so V can get some extra sleep. I'm writing this post because this morning God reminded me this season of life "won't be like this for long". We have an ipod set up in the kitchen, so I turned it on right before I started feeding Cai. This morning I just happened to turn on the "Country" playlist. While I was feeding him, Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like this for Long" came on. And through that song, God reminded me how short this season is going to be. And how I need to enjoy every single moment of it. Yeah, being a parent can be tough, and can be an inconvenience, and really stinks how selfless you have to be some times. But in a blink of an eye Micaiah is going to be grown and gone. I no longer will have my little "Buddy Cai" that I can cuddle with, and give a million kisses to, and get him to laugh because I make funny faces and noises. As another country song puts it, there'll come a point that rather than giving me a kiss, he'll shake my hand.

Lord, help me cherish every single moment.

Here's the song with lyrics if you would like to hear it:
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