March Freezer Cooking Update


At the Traylor household, I think we have 7 Freezer Cooking Meals left and it is the end of the month! We are having one for dinner tonight, so I guess that one doesn't count. Remember, we spent about $157 per family. We haven't used a Freezer Cooking meal every day, because within a normal month you eat out a little, get invited over places, etc. I also have literally given away about 6 full meals, because practically all of my close friends had babies recently, or someone was in need somewhere.

I feel like Freezer Cooking was a really good experience! It did save time, energy, and money throughout the month for us and I really did get to devote that time and energy to other things that really needed to get done. Chelsey and I are thinking about doing a modified Freezer Cooking Day in the next few weeks, because she is 34 weeks pregnant and as you can see from the below picture, Freezer Cooking is just plain exhausting!

Us, with our feet up at the end of the day!

Just a slight glimpse of what my kitchen table looked like most of the day (above).

No make-up on...lookin' like we're cookin'... hahaha!
Some of the ingredients were just so healthy and yummy!
A stocked fridge makes the woman's heart glad! Isn't that a proverb...jk. This is mostly BOTH sets of our meals out in our extra fridge. More of my freezer meals are in our main freezer.

I do admit that I should have done a better job at managing our grocery budget this month. I just calculated everything and I think I was thinking... "Oh, I'm not getting that much!" on my other little shopping trips to the store. But, I ended up spending about $60 more than I want to every month. I was starting to feel kind of bad about this, but Hart reminded me that we helped out a lot of other families this month with giving them meals when they needed it, and we still had extra left over, so God is still providing abundantly beyond all we even ask for or need, despite my lack of diligence in budgeting. I do want to get better at sticking to our budget, so I will work on that next month. I haven't been couponing much, because finding that extra time just doesn't seem like it is possible with a 6 month old. I also realize that we have 6 other meals to use for the month of April and if I had done a better job of spacing them out, we really could have eaten them for longer. Maybe, I will do a REALLY good job in April and that will make me feel better! Haha!

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