Closet of Delight!


Remember this messy closet!?
Well, NO more, my friend! Anne came over Monday night and we worked on the closet and bookshelf! She was so helpful and sweet, which made getting rid of things SO. MUCH. EASIER!
I can literally WALK into my closet and put my purse and diaper bag on the little shelf to the left.
It is so nice having things so neat. It has given me the motivation to declutter and deep clean the rest of our house, as well, and I took 4 garbage bags of stuff that I don't need to Good Will this afternoon. Yay! Take a look at how much junk was packed into this closet!
Anne also helped me to declutter and rearrange my bookshelf in my hall. I would love to do even more with this bookshelf, like paint the back of it, and maybe cover the books and label them, but until that happens, having everything neat and organized just makes me giddy! The biggest tip she gave me was to spread things out. Say good bye to the USC shrine! It is now divided up between the shelves! BEFORE....

Thank you, ANNE! You worked hard! Gave up your precious time with you hubby and baby girl to do this and it means so much! :)

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