Closet of Doom and Dreaded Bookshelf


Because I, Vanessa, did freezer cooking, I have extra time to put my energy in other areas that need tending to.

(If you are wondering why I am now starting my blogs like... I, Vanessa... It is because some people have been confused that it was actually HART that made a diaper cake and did freezer cooking and they honestly asked him questions about it on facebook! We BOTH blog, so most of the time you can just tell that if it sounds girly or is related to our is Vanessa... if it is about music or in general more "spiritual" it is usually, Hart. We've decided to start our blogs identifying who we are so that it lessens some confusion.)

Anyway, my two main focuses are 1)decluttering our home and 2)organizing financial matters that haven't been tended to for about 1 year or more. This means getting a better balanced and more workable budget and becoming more financially responsible in some other areas.

Decluttering is not something I love, but I love the spaces AFTER they have been decluttered. I complain about the clutter constantly driving my husband crazy, but with all the OTHER things going on in life, it takes me awhile to GET TO IT!

Well, my friend, Anne Newman is really a fantastic organizer AND decorator. She's got a super cute house and loves to have things in it's place. Me, too! She's always sharing her cute organizational projects on her blog! I really am an organized person in many ways, but it is sometimes hard to be objective about your own things, and with just having a baby, it is hard to find the time. I've been neglecting areas of our home that are literally out of control now.

Anne is doing an organizational give-away! If you live in Columbia or surrounding area, you can enter to win 3 hours of her organizational help! You have to submit pictures and tell why you need help.
These are the spaces that I entered. They are both in our hall:
This is our hall closet. In this closet are MY shoes and purses, OUR jackets and "winter" gear like hats, gloves, scarves, our games, and then some random crap that just winds up there like it has legs. Do you see me opening this door and putting your coat in there?! NOPE! Too embarrassed.. and now I'm showing the world our mess! yay!

Oh, I also keep gift bags and wrapping paper in this closet. It's got two shelves.

Mostly though, things have just wound up on the FLOOR! Yikes!

So, that was our hall closet... this is our hall bookshelf. It has great potential. I've been wanting to re-do this area of our home for a long while now, but honestly I just don't know WHAT to do to make it cute. So, what happens is that we just walk by and put one item on there. Then, that just keeps happening over and over. I know that this isn't super terrible, but it really isn't wonderful either. It is a place that guest SEE and I would like it to look nice.
I think I should win because I believe that both of these spaces could be organized and adorable in 3 hours. The closet is just horrendous and the bookshelf would just be fun, especially, if I had Anne's touch!

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