Before and After Office Photos


I know that I, Vanessa, promised that I would do some freezer cooking pictures...they will come along with my review thoughts and updates on what we think of some of the freezer meals we have eaten! I thought I would show you some before and after photos of our organizational office day this past Sunday! Hart and I spent the whole day after church and lunch working on rearranging and organizing our office. This space is a hard one for us as it becomes the catch all room. It is a multi-purpose space. It is a guest room, a computer room, a sewing room, and a music room. All of those things take up space and this is a slight issue since the room is not very large! We got rid of stuff, organized our craft spaces, put some things up in the attic, and put other things in some bins in the closet. I didn't take a picture of the closet, because the before and after looked pretty much the same...just with different things... haha!

In case you are wondering, we moved my sewing machine into the desk, and most craft related things in the closet. The desk is closed, but I promise it is neatly organized now!

We are getting a different dresser from my Gramie's house that we are going to put into our bedroom, so we moved this one, which didn't really match our space any way into this room. The wood goes perfectly with all the other wood and looks very neat. I plan on putting fabrics and sewing things in these drawers once my clothes have a new home! Moving the bed opened this room up SO much! I'm so excited to have more space! It's amazing how much more you find yourself in a room if it is cleaned up and things have a home!

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