Snow Adventure


We woke up to several inches of snow covering our yard! It was the second time in the last 2,5 weeks that we have received snow in SC. That's a pretty big deal! Columbia doesn't really have many snow plow trucks, but the highway patrol does the best they can. People don't know how to drive in the snow, which resulted in about 300 accidents in one day and 1500 911 calls. People also get scared and so they run to the grocery store and buy all the milk and bread and junk food that they can.

A couple weeks ago when it snowed, Micaiah got an ear infection and we had to go to the doctor. Apparently, this must be his "thing." This time though, getting to the doctor was a little more complicated. We had about 5 inches covering the car that we had to scrape off. (Please let some northerner reading my blog think this is funny!) While doing this Micaiah was screaming his head off inside the house, because he didn't take his morning nap, because he had such a high fever and obviously didn't feel well. The windshield wiper decided to break on our Blazer in this process and Hart had to get that fixed before we could go anywhere. Being the "always prepared" girl scout that I am, I threw two heavy blankets in the car, a bottle of water, and Micaiah's snow suit. Mostly, because if some idiot that doesn't know how to drive hit us, we might be sitting for awhile somewhere. Yes, that did almost happen twice on our way to the doctor.

We found out that Micaiah had the same virus that kept Hart home this past week, so I know the little guy must have just felt awful AND he had a minor ear infection. Thankfully, our doctor works no matter what. And we were able to find a pharmacy open to get his prescription filled. We made it home safely, too. God is amazing!

The sad thing, so far, is that Hannah (Hart's sister), Mike, and Naomi are still not at the Traylor's home yet. They are on their way though! Yay! We get to meet our niece, finally! Their flight was cancelled from Seattle to Atlanta, but then re-scheduled for later on Monday. They were able to change their flight to fly from Atlanta straight to Columbia and were supposed to get into Cola at midnight last night. Well, it's a long story, but they had to spend the night at a hotel and God still has them in ATL right now. They are currently on a plane on their way to Cola! God has had a different plan for this week, but even through the difficult moments, we have really seen his providence and mercy on all of us in the midst of this snowy delay!

Hart and I did get to spend some time together out playing in the snow! Here's our snowman! I guess you can say reddish color hair runs in the family...

We were supposed to spend our weekend, hubs and I, in Charlotte, NC for our anniversary and I was going to get to go shopping using my Annibirthmas money, but right now thats postponed. Hopefully, we will get some much needed alone time soon!

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