Dreaded Reflux Rant!


Micaiah spits up A LOT. I don't know why so many babies have reflux these days, but Micaiah's is pretty nasty. We literally "catch" his throw up after every burp. It gets all over everything. I don't even change shirts anymore, because the amount of laundry I do already is enough! If he weren't gaining wait and thriving, I would be worried.

We started him on Zantac first, but then switch him to Prevacid probably 2 months ago. We just went back to the doctor this past week for a re-check on his ear infection, which is gone! Thank the Lord! Micaiah is almost 4 months old and I asked the doctor if there was any way that I could give him the medicine differently due to the fact that there was so much to give. Well, that led to him double checking with the pharmacy the dosage amount, which led to the realization that SOMEBODY printed the wrong dosage on Micaiah's bottle. Law suit! I have been giving him TWO times the amount he should get. Instead of 5 mL, he has been getting 10 mL, because the bottle said Give 5 mL twice daily. After finding this out, I thanked God he did not give me a gun, because that is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know who's fault it was, I am just thankful that God is the One taking care of our baby boy.

Now you may be thinking that I should have figured this out before. Well, I did have the suspicion that it was too much for a baby, but since the medicine is compounded, I thought they just diluted it down. Nope!

But, just to be sure, I called the doctor 2 months ago and double checked that I should be giving him 5 mL dosages. They must have thought that was correct to give him 5 mL, which is right, just not 2 times a day like the bottle indicated. I have yet to call the pharmacy and bring this matter up to them, but don't worry, I will. Nicely. I hope.

Thankfully, God watches over us when we don't even know we need it. First, there were LOTS of days that Micaiah spit out the medicine. There were LOTS of days where Micaiah would completely throw up what looked like a whole dose. There were LOTS of days where I would only give him one dose, because it was just too much of a battle to get all of that into him.

Thankfully, my baby is smarter than all of us.

In other Reflux news, I have slept Micaiah in his carseat in the crib, due to the inclined position, for quite some time now, probably most of his little life. However, I've been wanting to transition him to the crib ONLY for over a week now. I could tell in the mornings that he needed more space to sleep, due to the fact, that he has been sliding way down his carseat and looks really uncomfortable. But, he got an ear infection and I wanted to wait until that cleared up. AND, I figured we needed to wait until after next week when we will be over at my in-laws house a lot for naps visiting with Hannah, Mike, and Naomi. It would be easier to keep him sleeping in his carseat, so that it would be a constant in the change of environment.

Well, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit tell me to go ahead and sleep him just in his crib earlier in the day today. I kept brushing it off, thinking that I was going to wait and follow my original plan. Why do I always think my way is better? After two pretty bad naps today, for no apparent reason, I got to our bed time and felt the same nudge to sleep him in his crib only, no carseat. I was nervous to try it. Sleeping in the carseat is all he has known. I thought, fine, I will try it and in 15 minutes if he isn't asleep, I will move him to his carseat and let him sleep in that tonight.

I did our bedtime routine. I told him I was going to put him to sleep in his crib, which would be different than normal, but that he should just go to sleep. I laid him down. He started to cry a little bit. He turned his head, sucked his thumb, and I left. I checked on him 15 minutes later and he was completely zonked.

Well, so much for being anxious. And thank the Lord, that He is good and Micaiah transitioned so easily!

I'm praying that Micaiah won't have been affected by taking so much of the medication (may be another reason why he was throwing-up so much!) and that he will continue to sleep well in his crib. I still plan on sleeping him some in his carseat for naps, so that he will be able to do that easily, as well.

Thanks for reading my Reflux Rant! Tune in next time when I sue SOMEBODY...

(And in case you don't know this... I am joking. Or am I?!)

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