Overtired Reflux day


Hey there, Vanessa, what did you do today?

Well, I worked all day long to get my overtired reflux baby to get good naps. I did whatever it took to get him to sleep. Did I succeed... not sure. He had a couple. Was he awake more than he should be? Yes. Did I realize his reflux meds needed to be increased like a week ago? Yes. Did I fall on my knees in prayer and ask God to take all my worries about him not sleeping well? Yes. Am I going to worry about sleep props? Nope. Am I going to worry that my baby won't self-soothe? Nope. I'm going to pray God will work those things out. I just need him to sleep and I really don't care how that happens, as long as it does.

Now, this overtired reflux mom, prays she can get some sleep.

Am I enjoying this part of motherhood?

Strangely, I absolutely love it!

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