Our Little Stinker!


My mom never really liked Halloween growing up. She doesn't like scary stuff. Like I'm pretty sure she will never do our laundry again, because last week when we had a dinner party over at our house with a lot of friends (they brought the food, which was delicious), my friend Chelsey walked out to get something from the extra fridge in our utility room adjacent to the kitchen, and a little snake slithered across! How's that for entertaining some guests?

We did dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating, but we were never allowed to be witches or killers or whatever. I mean costumes are fun, right?

Well, one thing my mom DOES like are garage sales!

She found this skunk costume at a garage sale for Micaiah. It was from The Children's Place and she probably got it for $1. I wanted to dress Micaiah up as something for his first Halloween, but a skunk, mom? Really?

She said to me, "Oh, humor me, will ya?" So when she and my brother Hunter came over on Halloween (or Reformation Day), I quickly dressed him up in his skunk outfit and took some pictures, which he slept through completely, even when I took him out and laid him in the grass like a real skunk. Ok. I know that might be a little crazy to do to a newborn, but it did kinda make me laugh. Here are the pictures.

The blue and white stripes are his lame-O costume... being a ball player. That way if one day he gets mad at his mama for dressing him like a skunk, then I can say that he really was wearing a baseball outfit, of which I did take some shots of just him in that. And since he fell asleep, I wasn't going to undress a sleeping baby. I'm not THAT cruel... although you might change your mind after you see the next photo.

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