We are SO close! Update/Prayer Requests!


We are so close, I can almost taste it! I think it hit me tonight how surreal having a baby is. I mean you know it is real. You deal with all kinds of crazy pregnancy symptoms constantly. You have this baby moving around inside of you, shoving his little feet into your ribs, making you go, "OH!" BUT... at the same time, it is so hard to believe that in just 3 days you will be holding this tiny baby in your arms.

We had our final doctor's appointment today, which included our millionth ultrasound today. I meant to ask how many we have had so far, because I sure have lost count. Everything looked great and we feel so blessed by God! We got to see our Cai give a big ole yawn and he had the chubbiest cheek that just made me want him OUT NOW, so that I could squeeze it! He measured in at 7lbs 1 oz and the 63 percentile at 38 weeks in utero.

It just makes me praise God over and over again for the overabundance of his grace and mercy on us!

At times, I can tell that Satan tries to make me fear. Another surgery. So many things that could go wrong. And, yet, I remind myself that Satan is powerless. He MUST go to GOD for permission to do all things. God is in control and I'm so thankful for the overwhelming peace that comes from that. God has kept this baby in his hands this entire time, and he is not gonna stop! God has protected him from the weird blood antigen that could have attacked him. He has kept me and baby safe during these last few weeks of developing preeclampsia. God has kept all of us safe and secure!

Assuming that God has Micaiah be born on Tuesday, he will be exactly 2 weeks younger than his sweet cousin Naomi. That is just sooo cool. We will have two babies born to this family two weeks apart! I just can't wait until Christmas when they will get to meet for the first time!

Please keep us in your prayers these last few days!
  • Pray that Micaiah is strong and healthy and that he will get here that way, too.
  • Pray that I will get over this chest congestion/cough that I've had for about 2 weeks now.
  • Pray that my c-section will go well and that my doctor will do a really great job, for no complications or problems!
  • Pray that we will be patient as we anxiously await this next Tuesday's arrival!
  • Pray that our family flying in, will arrive safe and sound!

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