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Hey friends! Most of you know that late spring, I started learning how to sew. Then, I got my own sewing machine this summer, and basically took off doing whatever projects I could find. I absolutely loved it! I loved being creative and making new things. I like being able to follow patterns and tutorials. Well, my husband was so amazed at my humble little talent that he really encouraged me every time that I did something. We joked about me having an online store, which turned into him buying me my site and creating a web page for me as surpise! My online shop is called Designs By Sessa. You can find it at! Go check it out!

Well, that sewing came to a halt while on bed rest and will be on a halt until the storm of crazy newborn baby calms some. I'm thinking October 15th is a good deadline to strive for. I think I will MAYBE be up to starting to sew a little bit by then. But if not, then that's okay.

In the meantime, my fun little fabric necklaces have been well received by most of my friends. I've gotten encouragement at the bank, in the grocery store, and my favorite was when I went into Handpicked and all the girls in the shop just Oooed and Awwwed over the fact that I MADE the one I was wearing! That really helped to boost my self-esteem!

Well, the ultimate GOAL of Designs By Sessa is actually to benefit Christian ministry. I'm still praying through what that looks like, but I want a portion of everything sold to go towards helping out missonaries, helping friends that are adopting and caring for orphans, etc. Thankfully, God is already doing that!

You can win the necklace below if you go on over to my friend, Danielle's blog. She has been giving away great things all summer! I won once! This week however, she is helping to raise money for Kelly and Cory and their adoption of a baby. This is a really sweet, godly couple! It only takes $5 to enter and there are two packages each worth at least $300!! I promise, the stuff, is really fun! Go check it out!

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