Looking forward to FALL!


My wonderful friend, Elizabeth, posted this fun blog on what she is looking forward to about FALL! Well, I've got my list, too! Here are a few things:

  • Learning to be a mommy
  • Throwing on my nice comfy cords with a comfy long sleeve tee aka NOT wearing maternity clothes!!!
  • Cool weather
  • Dressing Micaiah up for Halloween
  • Watching the leaves fall from my porch
  • Getting back in shape with the hubby
  • Eating all the fall related foods... pumpkin this, pumpkin that!
  • Thanksgiving with family with a baby -Cai will be the first in a long while on my side!

Oh... and the list could go on til Christmas time, when Micaiah (and Hart and I) will get to meet Naomi for the first time! Can't Wait!!!

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