Swollen Kankles


Two weeks ago, I noticed some swelling (edema) of my feet. They've hurt for awhile now. I mean, I AM carrying around an extra 28 lbs at this point! I told the doctor that I saw that I was having some edema, and both he and Hart's mama just kinda laughed at me! I guess my feet didn't look like anything compared to what both he, a doctor, and she, a nurse, have seen when it comes to swelling! However, since that point, I don't think I've allowed myself enough time to slow down and prop up my feet, because they have kinda steadily gotten worse.

Well, I was getting ready in the bathroom yesterday, before my brother's graduation, when I knocked the picture off the wall with my elbow. It fell straight down, broke the glass, which somehow sliced off a good little chunk of my ankle! It's about the size of a quarter. I screamed out in pain. Hart ran to the other bathroom for bandages. I kept screaming, while hopping to the other bathroom to get my foot in the tub. My dad, who was staying with us, ran back, and thankfully the two of them put Ole humpty back together again.

I would take a picture for you, but really, it's gross, and you don't want to see me blogging about my quarter sized cut. Maybe, you do, but sorry!

In the meantime...I'm gonna enjoy that my husband gave me orders to stay home and do nothing tomorrow. Well, I mean I can do stuff, but mostly sitting down. He's cleaning up the kitchen right now! Thanks... hunny!

If you want to pray for me...please pray that the swelling will go down, and that I will stop long enough to allow it to! Thanks!

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