Fun Pregnancy Scare


A nice, dull, throbbing headache, like a migraine, came on around lunchtime yesterday. It stayed with me for the remainder of the day, and then intensified a lot around 8 pm. Was this a headache only? Was this a symptom of preeclampsia, meaning that my blood pressure was rising? Should I call the doctor? I looked up symptoms of preeclampsia again online and it said to call the doctor if you have a dull, throbbing headache, and you were sensitive to light. Check to all of the above. I decided that I would try to relax in a warm bath, have my sweet husband give me a massage, and just go to bed. If it still hurt in the morning, then I would call the doctor. I slept really well, but I had to get up a few times to go potty. Each time, my head felt like it was going to explode. I woke up and I didn't even want to get up, because I felt the pressure in my head.

I called the doctor. They told me to come in. Just wonderful.

This is where I think I maybe freaked out that I have really done NOTHING to be ready for this baby to come early. The nursery is fine, but I don't have bags packed for either me or baby. No carseat installed. What if they admit me straight from the doctor's office?

Hart took me in and they checked everything. My blood pressure was higher than Tuesday when I went at 142/80, but everything else was pretty normal. My doctor wasn't in today, so they called him and then we checked the baby's heartbeat, and measured me again. All normal. They did decide to draw some blood work to make sure that nothing was sneaking up on them. My Anti K titer had gone WAY down! Praise the Lord. It's only at 64 right now! That's the lowest it has ever been.

My prescription was to go home, continue to rest, take some Tylenol every 4 hours, and drink some caffiene, which I interpreted to mean that meant that we needed to go to Starbucks and get some coffee. So we went to Target on the way home, because we were out of Tylenol almost, and they have a Starbucks inside. Don't worry. I didn't walk around the store at all.

Now, I'm back at home, for Bed Rest Day 9 of 28.

I had a pretty crazy day this past Tuesday with going to the doctor, and then having my last baby shower, which was completely awesome. Everyone came to me in my house, and surrounded me with love! I did have an RN (one of my hostesses!) check my BP before and after the shower, and strangely it was lower AFTER all the fun. Leave it to me to love being social so much that really a huge party can actually LOWER my blood pressure! haha. I went to bed and had a very nice, rather lonely, but still good recovery day yesterday. And I plan to do the same today.

So I guess maybe I just have had a migraine, which I don't ever get, but Tylenol and Starbucks did help! And I had a lot of fun getting the treat of coffee. Just keep us in your prayers!

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