The Bathroom Guestbook


Don't ask me why I blog about certain things. For some reason, I thought I should blog about this unique little item in our home.... The Bathroom Guest Book.

Growing up one of my family members had a bathroom guestbook that we all thought was awesome. When we were younger, we couldn't wait to go to the bathroom (my brothers and I) to write in it. We would read all the comments people wrote and thought it was so funny when someone said they went "pee" or "poop". So, my mom, knowing all this gave us a bathroom guestbook for our first home, and I have to admit that I get rather disappointed when we have visitors and I have nothing to read from their times over. Is that really weird or what!?

Anyways, it's actually a pretty funny way to record what events happen in your home/who has come by to "GO!" a time or two.

Here are my fav comments that have made me laugh:

Hart - "I don't normally use this toilet. I usually use the master bathroom... but I figured I should be the first to use this toilet for 2009!"

"hmmm... Well, it's Valentine's Day!! Ok. I'm gonna do what I came here for. bye."

"Why isn't there an option for using the toilet? This bathroom was clean and the staff were very attentive. Located within walking distance from the kitchen and local bedrooms. I would definitely do my business in this bathroom again!"

"Abe and I are going to the potty. He's standing on my foot! New Experience!"

"While the bed is lumpy, the company is great!! Plus, the facilities are top notch. As a business professional, I would most certainly recommend doing more future business here!"

"I washed my hands first and plan on washing them again after signing this book. Thanks for having us over."

"I went to the bathroom... and nice santa thing."

(After a previous posted comment in book, a second entry was placed.) "I drank a lot of H2O..."

(From a sweet little girl I know.) "Thanks for letting us come over. We had such a fun time! This "Bathroom Guestbook" is really funny! I love the blue in your bathroom, too!"

(After almost exactly one month later, the same sweet little girl wrote:) "Me again! haha! I was expecting at least one person to be inbetween me, but no! How funny. I was here for a baby shower. Can't wait for Micaiah's arrival!"

And yet, there are more... lots of fun ones, some really sweet ones...

So... moral of the story...

If you stop by the Traylor's potty, sign their bathroom guestbook, please!

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