Pet Peeves


So, I was thinking that maybe you might want to know what kind of "irks" me. I don't really think that a lot of things get on my nerves. I'm pretty "go-with-the-flow" with most things, but for some reason I have this one pet peeve that kinda drives me crazy. Okay...please don't laugh. Okay... you can if you want to.

I really don't like it when businesses leave their current place of business to move to another place of business, which leaves their building behind. They leave their stinky old building to rot, while they build something that looks exactly the same a few miles away.

For example: Honda on Greystone Blvd about .8 miles from my house decided to pack up their seemingly perfect car dealership and build a brand new dealership. IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE OLD ONE! And it is seriously a couple exits away from the previous location. For awhile, I would drive by and think, now why did they leave all these other dealerships? There are like 6 all there together to go be by theirselves in Lexington. They let the grass go crazy at the old place, which isn't very considerate to the people around them. It just annoyed me. Maybe you cannot relate to this. I don't know. It is MY pet peeve.

Another example, even more stupid than that one, is about Taco Bell. Taco Bell decided to leave their old stinky building and MOVE ACROSS THE STREET! Literally. They built a brand new pretty Taco Bell right across the street. They put up no sign for the longest time, so Hart and I were really quite excited about what new food joint was coming. AND find out that it was just Taco Bell formerly a right turn, instead of a left, was just plain disappointing.

The good news is that someone called Drive Time has now purchased the Honda dealership. They are taking what Honda felt was no good, and making it into a very nice looking place. I really hope Drive Time succeeds. In fact, I will start praying that they do.

The bad news is that the old Taco Bell is still vacant. I think I will just not eat there (not like I ever did before) until someone else buys their other building. Which, I guess I need to start praying that someone will do! haha!

There are tons of other examples of sad malls and other businessess that do this same thing. What happened to plain old renovation? I love renovating things. Making something new out of the old is a great and wonderful thing. I just wish that we Americans could become better at this principle. Wait... isn't Honda owned by the Japanese?

Oh... and I hate to admit this, but, I proudly drive a Honda.

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