Braggin' About My Wife


So I just wanted to brag about my wife! At least the whole time we've been married (and I don't know, but maybe even before then), Vanessa has had a desire to want to know how to sew. Well, for those of you who follow this blog, you know that the Lord has given her some opportunities recently to make that dream a reality (read "My First Sewing Project").

Vanessa's 1st Sewing Machine
Well Vanessa has been really wanting a sewing machine for awhile now, because there are several things she's been wanting to do around our house. But since she doesn't have one, she's had to go over to her girl friends' houses and borrow their machines to do her projects. Well last night we talked about it, and finally decided we had the money in our budget to go get her one. So we headed to Walmart and bought Vanessa her 1st sewing machine.

Well today while I was at work, guess what Vanessa did? You guessed it, used that new sewing machine. She's currently working on a project in our office / guest bedroom. A few weeks back she made some curtains, and we painted a cast iron bed to match the fabric. Today she worked on the pillow cases for the guest bed. Anyways, check out what I came home to...

I for one was blown away! Vanessa kept insisting it wasn't a big deal, and she made this mistake and that mistake. But I think she did an amazing job! I think she's really got a gift at doing this, and I"m really excited to see how God uses this gift that He has given her! Anyways, I just wanted to brag about my wife! :)

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