The Co-op!


Today was my first day doing The Co-op that I joined here in Columbia. I love fresh fruits and veggies! I was getting a little obsessed with trying to buy certain things organic and others not, but right now I've been really convicted to honor God with our finances. I am surrendering getting over-obsessed on figuring out what is most healthy to Him! I was not able to complete a normal order, but the Lord really provided a lot of leftover "Extras" that I was able to shop from after all the normal bagging had been done. Everything in this picture totaled only $13. Not seen above is a carton of eggs, which only cost $.80/dozen. Oh, and that watermelon was only $1.50!!!!!

This particular Co-op is a bunch of Christian families that order produce from The Farmer's Market. I love supporting local farmers! We gathered together and prayed before beginning the bagging. It's really sweet to be apart of something where other like-minded Christian women gather together to help out their families by organizing and putting this whole group together!!! It is a bit of a time committment due to the fact that everyone has to have a job they must contribute to every three weeks. I worked in the nursery keeping children today and I think that might be what I do until the baby arrives, where they sweetly allow you to have "maternity leave."

In case you are wondering, here is a break down of the prices for what we ordered...

4 ears corn - .20/each (Publix had this same price this week, but I got home, cooked it, and it tasted horrible... I think this batch will actually be fresh and tasty!)
1/2 lb. mushrooms - 1.10
2 onions - free (they were going bad...needed to be used soon.)
2 lemons- .25/each
1 # red peppers - .90
1 # green peppers -.40
2 eggplant - .50/each
3 #'s potatos - .75 total
peaches .40/lb. (I cannot remember how much I got!)
plums .60/lb.
squash .60/lb.
cherries 1.95/lb.

Now, I just need to get everything washed (I am doing a vinegar wash on most produce.) and then make sure it all is put away! I'm so thankful to the Lord for this group!

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