Favorite Hawaiian Memories


Learning to Hula on stage with a bunch of little girls... we aren't too proud not to get up there and do it!

Spending time with family

Eating this amazing Hula Pie at this restaurant called Kimo's... this was a favorite restaurant!

Hart and Mike saw this crazy tunnel on the Road to Hana... they decided to explore the deep, dark area, while I stood taking photos. They mutually consented to act like something was in there. They ran out screaming, and I freaked out, almost peed my pants.... You don't DO THAT TO A PREGNANT LADY, guys!

Visiting the black sand beach... it was so pretty... goofing off for sure!

Eating our picnic lunch at this waterfall... Mike decided to go for a swim and so did our car keys (which was only a clicker). However, an angel of a gentlemen revealed to us that we did, in fact, have a car key hidden inside the clicker! Praise Jesus... we weren't stranded on a deserted island!

Laying out by the pool in the sun, swimming in the pool gazing at this amazing sky and ocean beyond!

Celebrating Jane and Harry's (my in-laws) 30th Wedding anniversary!

Snorkeling in pretty water and swimming with sea turtles.

Hanging out in the condo with family at night... braiding Jane's hair, which she decided to keep most of the week!

There are so many more... but those are fun to think about!

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