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So, Hart and I decided it would be "FUN" to go register the other day at Babies R Us. We left feeling rather overwhelmed and with only like 20 things actually on our registry. Well, since then I have gotten some great advice from some of you AND wonderful advice from a GREAT book called Baby Bargains by Denise & Alan Fields. My friend Diane let me borrow it, and it is seriously, amazingly, helpful for first time moms. It is a book that highlights "Quality baby items at bargain prices." It basically gives you ratings on baby products like a buy guide, but they are NOT endorsed by advertising. They use feedback from parents, and they take into consideration that having a baby is expensive. I have gobbled up the information in this book and felt a lot more "ready" to register after skimming the sections on car seats, play pens, etc. So today, I went to register for us at Target, mostly because I could get a $20 giftcard for free (so that I can buy the maternity bathing suit for Hawaii). I went into it thinking that I will just add a few things right now, and come back with Hart. However, I had a great time doing this, even by myself, because of this book! I scanned all kinds of things! I still do not consider it finalized, but the great thing about registries is that you can just go online and change things!

I still need advice on registering for what kind of bottles/breastfeeding supplies. I am on the fence about whether to register for a different car seat/stroller. We already have one that was free, but I don't really know it's safety history. I want a cute stroller/seat, but I also realize that we have lots of other things that are more important that we need like a CRIB MATTRESS! lol.

I think I have decided that I am going to focus on registering mostly at Target. I know they are not the best store for returns, but almost everyone has a Target or can order online. Babies R Us seems overpriced and while their selection is better, I noticed from a friends two registries, she receive basically EVERYTHING off the Target one, and hardly anything off the BRU one. Plus, BRU is not everywhere, and I have relatives all over!

I had a lot of fun this time, and I feel a lot better about getting baby items now that I have a better idea of what is "good" and what is NOT!

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  1. 3 things:

    1. We love Target for baby stuff! :-)

    2. If I had to do it over, I would have waited til after E was born to try different bottles. See if you can't borrow different kinds from friends. We spents loads on Dr. Brown's bottles because they got good reviews and were good for breast feeding, but E hated eating from them, so we use Ventaire (playtex brand) for her. You can borrow one of each of ours if you're interested.

    3. I recommend getting a new car seat, if you don't know the history. It could be dangerous. Something I wish I had considered when we were pregnant: getting in touch with someone who's kid was about to move out of the "carrier" style carseat to maybe borrow theirs for 6-8 months until Eleanor grew out of it. Babies are in that style of seat until they can sit up or they get too heavy/big for the carrier, then you have to use a convertible anyway. We bought a convertible for her that will last until she's 40lbs, which was a better investment than our bucket/stroller/base combo, and we could have bought a better one if we had borrowed a carrier style set up in the first place.

    I know... I'm opinionated, but I did the registering thing less than a year ago!


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