May Grocery Budget


This month has been the first real month back on our regular budget. I've hated it, but I know it is best! After being pregnant, I lost touch with several "normal" things that I kept up with on a regular basis and used the "I'm sick and pregnant" excuse way too much! It's been a little rough, but for the first time in awhile, we are going to stick to it, and trust the Lord to provide if we run out of our "grocery" money! This past week was amazing and we truly are so blessed. We had two different sweet friends take US out to dinner (such a blessing!!), and one time where we ate with friends, but pooled what we both had together for a fantastic dinner!!! We have already spent our "eating out" category, due to the fact that we overspent last month, which rolled over to this month, and we are saving for Hawaii, trying not to spend anything extra. We have made some of our changes to where we are still buying some things organic. Our "grocery" budget is $250, including toiletries, and household things. It is the 17th and we only have $24 left. I have to admit that I was scared at those facts, but Hart convinced me that we can do it. I'm having to get a little creative with meals, and we are going to basically eat what we have in the pantry until the end of the month. Thankfully, we have several organic frozen vegetables in the freezer, frozen strawberries, some meats already in the freezer, lots of oranges, and other random fruit things to keep us healthy the next two weeks.

Now, I need to preface this by saying that I just made a whole roasted rosemary chicken with roasted sweet potatoes, onion, and carrots. Hart will eat leftovers tomorrow night, and I will eat with my girls Bible study. I'm planning on using some of the chicken for chicken salad, too.

Gathering what we have in our pantry and the little money we have left, these are the meal ideas that we have come up with that we shouldn't have to buy any ingredients:

-chicken alfredo w/green beans
-Veggie lasagna w/peas(Praise the Lord that last week's meal made two whole casseroles! One in the freezer now!)
-Homemade pizza (we've got cheese and pepperoni and onions)
-Quesadillas (once again, we've got cheese, and I think I'm going to buy some salsa with the remaining money)
-some sort of beef stew meal (I found some hidden meat in the freezer!)
-two cans of soup
-egg salad sandwiches w/tomato or tomato sandwiches

What are your favorite cheapo strecher meals for months like these?

All I can think is the verse from Luke 16 that says, "One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much..." v.10. We want to be faithful in all things and good stewards of all things God has given us! God is mighty... HE will surely do it!

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