Crazy Bathing Suit Drama


I dipped back into the sea of doubting whether God would really provide for us in the way that we needed earlier this week. I've really been struggling lately with what I want versus what God wants for me. Am I okay with not getting things when I want, instead relying on the Lord God to show me what I NEED when I NEED it, laying my WANTS/DESIRES at his feet?

Well, the Lord just likes to take us places where we can be humbled, then humbled some more...

I had to go get dog food for Abe the other night in Harbison. I thought... "I should just run in and check to see if they have the maternity bathing suit that I would like before I order it online, just maybe they have my size!" [Two other times I went to the Lexington Target, they did not. I need a suit for Hawaii because my others do not fit. I didn't want to have to buy it online due to the fact that shipping is an extra $5 (every penny counts!)]. But, now that I registered and got the $20 Target giftcard for free, I could rationalize paying for shipping. I went in and they didn't have any in my size on the rack, so I was a little disappointed. I looked at the small and it was already marked for clearance! So, I turned around and spotted a clearance rack of swimsuits, praying that God would have a Medium somewhere on that rack. Lo, and behold... God provided the VERY swimsuit that I wanted for $7 cheaper plus no shipping costs, in my correct size. I was so excited and overjoyed at God's provision that I just told the fitting room attendant how good Jesus was and how much I wanted this bathing suit, etc. I felt so blessed at the register when the "FREE" giftcard we received still had $2.79 on it. Knowing in my heart that God gives such good gifts and then blesses us even when we do not deserve it! I felt humbled.

I went home and excitedly, I whipped it out to show Hart and told him I would be right back. I tried to try it on... It was an XS!! What in the world... I KNEW I had put the medium on, but somehow, I went home with the wrong size. I immediately called the store and got the same girl that remembered me talking about Jesus and swimsuits, she said she would hold it for me. Hart and I went back up to Target. By this time it is like 9:00 pm. I went straight for the fitting room, only to find out that she had hung up the wrong Medium suit! Ah! However, we found it on the rack! Yay!

We decided to use the rest of the gift card to buy milk since we are trying to not go over our budget on groceries. We went to the exhange desk, but I couldn't find the giftcard, so we just switched out the suits, walked to the car, only to find the giftcard. Hart stayed in the car while I ran in to buy the milk. I paid .40 for milk. WHAT a blessing! Then, on my way back out the store for the 3rd time that night, Hart came walking up holding the bathing suit....

"This is the XS!" I was like "WHAT!!! What in the world made you look into that bag, Hart?" He replied, "I don't know, this is just one of those nights where I knew this would be the wrong bathing suit!" I went back in the store for the 4th time to switch out the bathing suits. After ALL that, we did go back home with the RIGHT suit, in the RIGHT size, at the RIGHT price! A price that I feel like God gave us because we are trying to trust only Him to provide for our needs and wants in his perfect timing!

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  1. Too wild! Cracked up at this story...I could so see it happening to me. Except I probably would have been highly irritated by my fourth trip back into the store! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Babies and pregnancy are real blessings from the Lord!


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