Hart's 25th Fiesta Birthday!


Hart celebrated his 25th birthday on May 3rd! We had a great time celebrating with friends and family over the weekend! Our Community Group from church was having a backyard BBQ. We themed the get-together an early Cinco de Mayo party/Hart's birthday...we should have sang to my friend Carla, too because hers was just a few days earlier, but we didn't! Sorry sweet friend! I asked my friend Candice to come with her family, but they already had a pool party that evening. Candice made our wedding cake and it was beautiful! She used to be my boss when I was a student worker at USC! Anyways, I asked her if she would be willing to make a Fiesta themed cake in honor of our party and Hart's bday (even though I promised Hart I would make his German Chocolate cake as soon as I had time!). This cute cake was the result! How festive, right!? She can do pretty much anything you want and uses fondant icing! So let me know if you ever need a cake, cuz she is amazing!

The funny thing was...out of the two of us... I'm the Spanish major... haha! We decided to sing to Hart in Spanish and we got it all on video. It struck me as so funny that Hart would have a Spanish themed birthday! Anyways, enjoy!

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  1. Love the cake! My grandmother's birthday is May 3rd.

    Anna Katherine


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