20 weeks


We had our 20-week doctor's appointment yesterday and everything went great! We are halfway through and it feels really, really fast! I know I'm gonna be like, "Where in the world did this baby come from before long!"

I still did not have a complete peace about staying with my OB, so I was praying that God would make it REALLY clear at the appointment if we were to find a new OB or stay with this one.

Thankfully, God answered our prayers and really gave us a peace about it and we have decided to keep our doctor! He was 100% okay with whatever our decision will be about delivery and we told him that we wanted to have a C-section. We feel more comfortable with that option, due to my previous medical surgeries. He felt that was a good decision and we discussed the controversy of cuts. He also thought having another colorectal surgeon on stand-by was a good decision, too. So now I'm ready to schedule this thing and have the date all picked out! But I don't think we are close enough to do that yet! haha!

Due to the strange Antibody in my blood, I have to be monitored more closely... aka we get more ultrasounds! yay! Our next appointment will be another ultrasound, my glucose test, and appointment all in one.

I am feeling him move around, but he isn't so active/big yet that I can always recognize it. I'm looking forward to feeling it more! It's just like small reminders of him telling me, "Hey... mom, I'm right here!"

I'm finally showing and I promise to have belly pictures up here soon! I'm out of most of my regular clothing bottoms. I'm using the belly band on most "normal" bottoms, but I prefer to wear cotton strechy skirts most of the time. I feel like I need to buy a few more things in the next few weeks before our trip to Hawaii!

School is pretty crazy as we finish up the last 4 weeks. I cannot believe summer is almost here and we will be going on vacation! I'm SO excited/ready for that wonderful rest in the near future!

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  1. I'm so pleased you were able to find peace about your OB and your decision about your C-Section.

    Watch and see how your little boy reacts to ultrasounds. Eleanor HATED them. We had to have a lot of them early on and she moved away from the wand all the time!

    Love to all three of you!


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