Spring Break Update


Those that have been following my updates on what I have done around the house may be wondering what I have been doing the last few days! Here's a quick recap:

  • I visited my friend Chelsey! She showed me about cloth diapering and the system she uses with Stephen. BEFORE I went, I had actually swung to the other side and was leaning on the side of NOT doing cloth diapers. However, AFTER I went, I am back on the side of wanting to do them again. They are really easy, give you a lot of different options, and some of my concerns really are not concerns anymore (concerning what to do with poop), so why not give it a try before we throw money into the trash can!?
  • Abe has become spoiled staying in the house all day. This isn't something that I wanted to accomplish this week, but this morning HE REFUSED to go out, so we had to herd him out like a cow!
  • Wednesday: I hit a wall. I was tired of doing stuff and so I took Hart a smoothie and went over to Hart's mom's house to put my feet in the pool and let Abe run around with their golden. That's what spring break is for, right!? A BREAK! We did clear out Hart's stuff that was in the baby's room and I put winter stuff in a bin to go into the attic.
  • Thursday: I started finishing up laundry and started organizing things to take to Good Will. I have to write everything we are giving away down on paper for tax purposes, so it takes a little while. My mom came over and we went to the fabric store to pick out some fabric to do for my next sewing project (which starts tomorrow with my friend Carla! YEAH!). I found some SUPER cute fabric to use as curtains, and pillows from Creative Sewing Machine Center in W. Cola! I found a great chenille bed spread (a TWIN!) in our linen closet when I was organizing it earlier and decided to wash it up and use it instead of buying a duvet cover! It's white! I'm thrilled about brightening up our office space! Pictures to come!
  • We also went to my doctor's appointment and I was extremely emotional about talking to my doctor about what my surgeon said. He understood what I was saying, but he still had a different idea about how to have this all work out. I ended up crying in my appointment because my OB was still thinking that vaginal delivery should not be thrown out, even with what my surgeon said about having a c-section. Let me say here... I would rather NOT have a c-section, but I want what is safest for me and baby. We are going to revisit this topic later together. He is going to consult some more surgeons and other OBs about my situation, and we will prayerfully arrive at a decision together. If not, then I will most likely have to get a second opinion on the matter to make my heart not so anxious. I have been worried, but I have given it to the Lord and I am not going to let it bother me. One way or another, Lord willing, we will get this baby into the world!
  • Friday: My friend, Elizabeth came over to have lunch with me during her lunch break! It was fun. Now, I need to get back to writing stuff down and take it to Good will. After that, most of my goals will have been accomplished for this week! Praise God!

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