Our Garden!


This is the garden that Hart made for me to plant some tomato plants, cucumbers, and bell peppers in! I wanted to start small and work our way up since I had never gardened before. We will be adding some tomato cages in the next couple of weeks and I already have one flower bloom on one tomato plant! The little fence is to keep our puppy Abe OUT! This whole endeavor cost probably around $100, which may seem like a lot, and it does to me, but if we do well with this, then next year I can use what we already have and start from seeds instead of seedlings and that will be cheaper! Plus, we do not have to build a bed again!

Abe into the bag of soil!

12 Tomato plants, 4 cucumber plants, and 6 bell pepper plants
Not shown here is also a container of herbs that I planted. The herb garden includes rosemary, oregano, parsely, and basil. Once they get larger and I can convince my dog not to eat them, I will transplant them out of containers and into the earth!

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