It's a sweet baby boy!


All I have to say is that I am in love. For awhile, I really couldn't understand what God was doing. Lord, don't you KNOW that this is really inconvenient? Don't you realize that we are already richly poor? How in the world can we have a baby? Why are you doing this right NOW? Later would be okay, but right now? I'm in my 1st year of teaching. I don't want to leave a job that I love. How is this really your plan? I'm really slow. I'm really really slow. God is so abundantly amazing and He is showing me that through this tiny little baby growing inside of ME!

I'm so thankful right now for this baby boy. I'm so thankful that in God's perfect plan... he decided to give us THIS baby. Right now, when it still doesn't make sense. Right now, when I feel like I'm not even old enough to be a mother. Right now! It is absolutely perfect timing, because it is God's timing!

Our 2nd ultrasound was this past Thursday. This is what we saw!

Baby Traylor - 18 weeks - 9 oz.

How can you fall in love with a black and white photo? Well, I did. I love that stinking baby! He almost didn't show himself to us. It took 3 tries before the sweet technician was able to reveal to us that he was a he. He had his little legs crossed so tight and was wound up in the tiniest little ball! Oh, it was so amazing! All the surreal thoughts that I have had so far became real looking at that screen! All the doubts were vaporized. Now, if only I can be like that with the Lord! I was walking by faith doubting the whole time that this was what was best for us. But with given the opportunity to see.... I saw! Thank you, Lord for this baby! Thank you so much!

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