Spring Break has come!!!!!!!!


I am officially on SPRING BREAK!!!!! I do not have to go back to work until the 12th and boy, do I have a list of to-dos!!!!! My house looks like 10 people ran through it and threw things EVERYWHERE! Okay...maybe 10 is too few... 100 people?

I need to do spring cleaning so bad, it is not funny. I'm going to be giving things away, clearing out stuff, and anything that I do not love, leaves! I'm gonna work on cleaning stuff as much as I can tomorrow and Saturday, and then do other projects next week.

A few of my projects:
1) Paint the dresser we are going to be using as a changing table for the baby (not sure if this will happen due to the pollen, but we will see). Hart is planning on helping me with this, too. Find some new knobs that I like for baby's dresser. Clear out baby's closet and move things to other closets that will get cleaned and straightened in this process. Get this room in better shape for being able to put things in place. We find out what it is in less than 4 weeks!

2)Spray paint an iron bed frame that is going to go in the office. Before we can set this up, I need to clear out things in the office, which is currently the junkiest room in our house. I want this room to feel more like a bedroom and less like an office, so I'm thinking of adding curtains and putting up a twin bed in there. Of course, I am planning on sewing all of that myself, so that means that I need to find a sewing machine to use/buy, and talk to my friend Carla about making a duvet cover and sham. I already know how to make some pillows, so that shouldn't be bad.

3)We are planning on selling a T.V. stand that is pretty modern looking with light wood and a glass top, so if you might be interested in this, then let us know. I will try to post a picture sometime.

4)Visit with my friends Chelsey and Stephen and learn more about cloth diapering and their system. And I would love to visit the Daley family, because now that we do not go to church with them, I miss them!

5)Plant some herb plants that are in need of the regular earth, where I do not have to water them so much!

That's pretty much it. Okay, maybe I am kind of being a little too much of an overachiever here, but if I do not set the goals pretty high, then I won't get it done. Some of this will, obviously be saved for the summer time when I will have about 3 months until the baby comes. However, I am planning, right now, to do as much as I can now when I am feeling good and not as huge as a house! I will keep you updated about how much I actually get done! Maybe take a few photos along the way!

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