Spring Break: Day 1


I have 10 days of Spring Break, counting today, which has already flown by! I'm starting to wonder if my list will get accomplished! Two days are Sundays, one being Easter, so we will be with family and I won't be doing much those days. I wanted to let you know what I DID do today to start on my goals of this week!

First thing was that I had a quiet time. I'm really not good at making this a priority during the week. I want to, but I'll be honest... I said I am NOT good at it. Remember that 30 day challenge that I mentioned I proposed to do? Well, if you are wondeirng how it went... I didn't write about it, because it didn't happen consistently enough! However, I have promised myself that this week will be different with more time on my hands and NO EXCUSES! Today, I grabbed a blanket and my Bible and went out onto our porch swing. I was convicted that if my goal is to clean up our house, then I want Jesus to be cleaning up my heart, too. It was a REALLY sweet time. I read in John about the story of Mary coming to Jesus about dead Lazarus and Jesus was so moved, he wept, about the miracle he did in Lazarus's life. I just fell in love with my Savior all over again. So Day 1 of quiet time, went really well and my heart was A LOT softer! Praise Jesus!

Then, I came in and threw open the blinds and made the bed. I got in my cleaning clothes (I did this before the blinds were open FYI), and checked my messages! Well, change of plans... I had the opportunity to go get my hair cut with my mom out in Gilbert. This has been on my list for this week, too, I just didn't tell you about it. So I got ready and headed out to Gilbert. Afterwards, my mom and I went and kidnapped my Gramie and took her to lunch at Shealy's in Batesburg-Leesville. It was a blast! I love hanging out with them! Hart was jealous, of course, because I got to eat there! Did I mention that he LOVES BBQ and one day when we can, he wants to become a Certified BBQ judge? Then, we can travel to BBQ festivals and eat BBQ? Haha. I love it!

Often, when I go to Gilbert, I get affected by what I like to call my "country" roots.

For example, I have some herb plants that are going in the ground soon. Well, something inside me about really wanting to have a real garden took over. We are driving by people's country homes with tons of sunshine and places to plant and I just cannot stand it! I get a little sad that I have few pockets of a sunny backyard, in which to grow things in. However, this didn't stop me.

On my way home, I stopped by the Depot Building Suppy, which is in Lexington. My student, Oliver's father owns this store. I was determined to get some tomato plants and I have been talking to Hart about doing a potato container, too. So my mind was made up to do Tomatoes and Potatoes. However, I left with some cucumbers and green peppers, too. About 5 bags of soil and then I came home and looked at my yard and realized that what I need is a Garden Box. Hubby, please?!

So anyways, maybe I didn't do so good with other goals, but I'm excited about trying to do a little garden. WHERE is this stuff coming from? It MUST be the pregnancy hormones!

So, in short, I made the bed, got a hair cut, did one load of laundry, bought some gardening supplies, spent time with my family, and now I am going to make some cookies to take to Community Group tonight! We are eating dinner with some sweet Bible study friends!

It was a good day!

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