Spring Cleaning Days 2 & 4


Day 2 was putting in the garden and yardwork with Hart. It was a successful day and I have great pictures to prove it, but do not want to upload them now because I need to stop wasting time on the computer!

Basically, I have been cleaning, but I still do not feel like I have any less clutter and my feet really hurt because I have been on them constantly. I did seriously clean, with a gas mask and everything, our hall bathroom, and now I'm about to go do the other. I am doing laundry, and our kitchen is pretty much clean, as well as, stocked with groceries. Today, I need to finish doing the deeper cleaning, like dusting, vaccuming, and straightening. Then, I feel like I can focus on the office and the baby's room. I think my goal, right now is to at least get the twin bed set up in the, hopefully, decluttered office. The dresser is absolutely covered with pollen, so that will have to wait to be worked on. So I guess, I am making progress, but it seems like I have SO. MUCH. FURTHER. TO. GO!!!! Pray for me!

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