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Getting things done around the house has been rather difficult for two reasons. One is that I am so tired most of the time and the other is that I have been dealing with being sick. I have really depended on Hart to do SO much around the house, but there are things that really bother me. If I do manage to cook, I am too exhausted to even help clean up. I haven't been planning what we eat during the week and I couldn't remember when the last time I really cleaned was. However, I had a great day today, so I am praying that this continues tomorrow!

Two people have really blessed me in the last week. One is a friend from church that brought us a meal this past Wednesday. It was the best possible thing I could ask for! I have been so exhausted and that day in particular I was more exhausted and sick than ever, so it was really a huge blessing. The other is that my mom came over and cleaned our bathrooms and made our bed today. It was the sweetest thing ever!

I've really struggled with feeling like I am a lousy wife, because Hart does so much for me, but I shake that off and focus on doing what I can to keep up the house! I know this will pass soon and I already feel it doing so.

Since my eight week appointment, the doctor's office I am going to switched my prenatal vitamin to a fancier one that has dual working iron in it. I was just using the CVS brand, but they gave me free samples of Prefer OB, which is a little purple pill that has been killing my stomach.

Ever since I have switched, I have had trouble sleeping at night because I wake up several times a night with a hurting tummy. Well, I finally got sick of it.

For several weeks, I haven't felt like myself. I haven't been cooking or cleaning well AT ALL, but I think it has been that I have been so fatigued, and waking up a ton at night doesn't help! I forgot to take the vitamin once or twice and I have felt 100% better the next day.

So, last night I went back to the CVS brand and I had a great day today. I slept better and had a lot more energy. I am going to talk to the doctor about this in a couple of weeks, but until then I am going to continue with the offbrand and take a little extra folic acid to meet the requirements of the other prenatal vitamin! All the other levels seem to be the same. I might call the doctor about this before then, but I have talked to others that use this same kind and I am convinced that it can't be that big a deal!

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  1. I say go with the off brand. I bought the Target prenatal vitamins before I went to my first appointment and they said that if they didn't bother me to just go on taking them. Best of all, they're cheap! Like $4-5 for 100 vitamins.


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