Throwing up in front of Fourth Graders!


Okay... well, not exactly, but close enough. When teaching, you kinda develop a teaching personality. Mine is pretty open because I am a pretty open kind of person, but there are still things that I try to shield my fourth graders from knowing. As soon as I told the kids about being pregnant, I explained why I would be eating more around them and how I might get sick. I've had a few fly-out-of-the-room moments where I have been dodging for the bathroom to gag. However, I have never thrown up at work.

Until today.

I would like to think, most of my symptoms have been under the radar to my students, even though they are exceptionally aware of how I am doing and feeling.

Feeling sicker than normal, I pulled the trash can beside me and thankfully the students had plenty of seat work to occupy them. I gagged a couple of times silently at my desk, so I decided to eat some little cheese crackers. Bad idea. Soon, I was bent over the trash can, at my desk, gagging up air. Well, the sensation didn't go away, so I ran to the bathroom and threw up every cheese cracker I had eaten. Thankfully, once again, NOT in front of my fourth graders. However, while in the bathroom, I opened the door to see one of my students peeking his little head out looking for me. I cried, "Go get someone in the office!" He ran, I am sure, as fast as he could to get someone. They brought me ginger ale, some pretzels, and watched my class. I recovered 80%, enough to continue with the day. I'm still not feeling great, but kinda better.

I was praying for a better day, like yesterday, but that didn't happen. That's okay. I'm sure all this is going to be worth it. And I should only have 3 more weeks of this! Lord, please sustain me!

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