Lightening Lawnscape


I drove home talking to Hart's mom about meeting and taking my car to the shop later this week! It doesn't seem to be that we can keep a car OUT of the shop! We do not make car payments because both our cars are paid for, but being a little older, they are in and out. We have a sweet mechanic that lets us just pay when we can, mostly monthly for something or another. Anyways, my car is back in after needing brand new tires last month and just recently getting worked on, too. It's a Honda... I'm really hoping it will get back to being a good car aka OUT of the shop always!

Anyways, I pulled in the driveway and saw my brother's big Lightening Lawnscape trailer near our driveway. I quickly got off the phone and got super pumped because I forgot he said he was coming today to basically remodel our yard! He did such a GREAT job! Right now, our yard looks very cleaned up, but kind of ugly, too, because he had to cut all of our huge overgrown bushes way back in order for them to come back more lush and full this spring. But it felt good so good to know that right now, even though ugly, they will be beautiful again, even more beautiful than before. I mean, isn't that what God does with us? We get so overgrown and ugly and tangled up. It takes God coming in and clearing junk out to make us grow more beautifully in Christ!

I grabbed a rake and helped him out, but really he did all the work! I'm going to put out a plug for any one that needs yard work done, my brother Tyler is saving up to go to China this summer, so if you need anything yard-related done, then let him know! Lightening Lawnscape in the yellow pages! He does residential and commerical sites!

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