Feeling blessed!


I feel so blessed today! We had a great time at church this morning worshipping the Lord and our sermon was so wonderful! I feel like lately I have been focusing on so many negative things because when you are not feeling well it is hard to have a positive godly outlook, but this weekend I have felt really good and have been able to get a lot done and attend several great events from our church! Plus, today has just been beautiful weather-wise and we were able to eat outside on our screened in porch while spending some quality time with my brother Tyler who went to church with us today and ate lunch with us.

Weekend Recap:

Friday night, I was exhausted from the long work week, so we came home and ate my home-made calzones and watched the Office on hulu and a couple episodes of Lost. We are almost completely caught up to the current episode! We have been watching episodes of Lost for AWHILE and were praying that we would finish up all the seasons by the time the last season came out! Well, we finished the last episode of season 5 with exactly 5 new episodes on hulu. The exact amount they hold. How cool! God answered our silly Lost prayer! lol.

Well, anyways, we peeled ourselves off the couch because Hart wanted to go to Lowes to get some brackets, so he could finish his dual bowl dog feeder that he is making Abe out of wood! I will do a post later once it is finished! We also went to Babies R Us for the first time because I needed to get a gift for a baby shower that I had this weekend for a new friend from church. We felt so overwhelmed there. I think we walked around dazed as we saw how many things you can buy for your baby! If you do not know what I am talking about, then go visit for yourself. It is like Wal-mart for Babies. We had fun wondering what we would be having, a boy or a girl. We got a couple things and I left happy that I do not have to make a baby registry any time soon. Also, happy that I am planning on sewing all our baby bedding (except sheets), curtains, and whatever else, because my friend Carla is teaching me how to sew! Hopefully I will be able to buy a sewing machine in the next couple of months! I am saving up!

Saturday, I attended the baby shower in the morning. They are really fun when you are pregnant because you get to look at all the creative gifts people give and practical things like baby monitors. I was impressed with the baby monitor that Susan received. It is the Angelcare Baby monitor. It has this pad that you put under the baby mattress that detects if there is no movement for exactly 20 seconds, so if they stop breathing or moving for some reason, you know. I think it is cool. Even though, according to Hart, the baby will also have a wifi camera set up that he can check while at work, and that I can put up on the TV while they nap -if needed. I'm leaving that up to him!

Then, since I was feeling good, I worked pretty hard around our house. Apparently, not hard enough, because today, my brother said... "This is the messiest that I have ever seen your house!" Thanks, brother, we are working on it! haha. I think he was mostly referring to the fact that things are piled up in our guest room and office waiting for me to go on Spring break to attack!

I also made my first batch of Honey Whole Wheat bread, which made two loaves, and was really yummy! It really was not hard and didn't take long! So I will be doing that more often, I am sure!

Then, Saturday night our church had Downtown Ladies Night! We had a blast! We mostly just hung out and ate some snacky foods and then played Guesstures. I really love being able to have the opportunities to make deep friendships. Even though we were having lots of laughs, I had some deeper conversations with those around me and it was really sweet to my heart! I haven't had this in AWHILE! I left praising God for good godly friends!

I also feel like I am starting to show. My tummy cannot really be sucked in anymore. So it kinda leaves me just feeling kinda fat, but at the same time, I am excited because I am starting to "look" pregnant! I was surprised to be feeling rather uncomfortable in a couple of my jeans and a skirt that I wear to work frequently. Today, at church, my friend Rebecca gave me the Bellaband! Apparently, she got one from her mom and bought one herself, so she gave it to me! How sweet! And perfect timing! I am exactly one week ahead of her. This also made me feel blessed that the Lord provides just when we need it. The Bellaband is this band that you can put around your body that allows you to wear your regular jeans and other items for longer. It goes over your unbuttoned pants and keeps everything together and more comfortable when you are in the awkward clothing stage. I tried on the band with my tightest jeans that are NOT fitting right now, and it is wonderful! I am very happy that it works! I still cannot come to terms with the fact that I will need maternity clothing, but I am getting there. Slowly.

So, while long, that kinda sums up my weekend. Now I sit blogging, Hart is practicing the bagpipes, and we have Community Group later tonight! Like I said, I feel blessed!

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