12 Week Doctor's Appointment


We heard the baby's heartbeat through the little doppler device today! It was the sweetest sound I have heard in the last few weeks! It was beating 160ish! I would have been content to just sit there and listen to it for hours, I think! It was more mesmerizing this time around for some reason! Maybe because I am feeling slightly more attached to the little one inside of me.

We had a good appointment. I met Dr. Lyman for the first time and was able to talk to him about different questions that I have had. 1)He thinks taking the CVS vitamin is fine. 2)He thinks that I should be able to deliver normally (no c-section!). I was super surprised! Even thought I trust his opinion, I think I am going to track down my colorectal surgeon and see if I can get his opinion about it, too. Just to be sure! But overall, I am happy to know that I might be able to expect a normal delivery!

The only ODD thing was that I have a strange Antibody in my blood called Anti-K [Kell]. Basically, I am going to require a little bit more monitoring and a few more blood tests done. This is caused by the fact that I have had several blood transfusions due to my health history with Ulcerative Colitis. I read online somewhere that the US does not screen for the Anti-K antigen due to "cost" reasons. (That's annoying!)

The doctor seemed to think that the most likely scenario to occur, is that everything will be fine and I will carry Anti-K, but nothing come of it. I did ask him to give me the worst case scenario (so I can plead the blood of Jesus against it, of course!). He said that sometimes an antibody (which normally fights off infections) could turn on the baby and attack its red blood cells, which would result in the baby being anaemic. This is called Haemolytic disease of the newborn, resulting in anaemia and jaundice in the baby due to the antibody in the mother's blood. Two things could result if this rarity were to happen: 1)the baby (in my stomach) would have to have an intravenous blood transfusion (very rare) or 2)I would have to deliver the baby early. If you would like to read more about this, then click here for a site that I found rather helpful.

He really seemed to think that things will go well and otherwise said that I am having a "textbook" pregnancy, so far. I did lose about 4 pounds since my last visit... surprising again, due to the fact that I have been feeling "fatter" lately. I am eating well, so no worries there. I have been sicker than normal the last two weeks, but being in my 12th week, I should be waning on the morning sickness spells really soon!

Overall, I am really content and excited about having this baby! I told Hart today, that I enjoyed the doctor's appointment and just being pregnant (Can you tell I had a good day today?). I am glad that we know how to be specific in our prayers and what to pray for (no problems with Anti-K), so if you are a Christian, then join with me in praying for our baby!

Soli deo gloria!

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