Meal Plan


Meal Plan... Okay, so I am kinda cheating this week. I told you I would work on developing a meal plan... well, so far I haven't been able to plan far enough ahead. I wing it, almost always, which does frustrate me sometimes, because I like to have it all together, especially coming home exhausted from work! I think for us, it will help to just plan dinners for a start. Breakfast is always light... aka cereal, bagels, occasionally (hardly ever) eggs, etc. Lunch is usually leftovers/random snacks. So for dinner this week...

Eat at Hart's parents' house (they have an array of food this week due to the fact that Hannah and Mike are flying in from Seattle)

Dinner out to eat with the family @ Carraba's (This is to celebrate everyone's birthday from December to April)

Dinner @ the Traylor's home to hang out with H&M (Steak, potatoes, YUMMY!)

Not sure....if we are eating at home, then Homemade Eggrolls and Rice, if we are eating at the Traylor's, then whatever they have

And that gets me to the weekend, where I can do whatever I feel like... lol.

It IS a plan... however shabby!!!


  1. How did I not know you had a blog!?!?! Aaagh! So fun! Adding you to my bookmarks! :)

  2. Homemade egg rolls? Shoot that recipe our way, por favor.


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