President's Day


All weekend, I was so excited each time I remembered that I didn't have to go to work today! I slept well last night and helped Hart get out the door by making his lunch, which he normally does for me EVERYDAY! (I have a GREAT husband!)

This morning I have already set up a time that a friend of mine and I will be going to my past church this afternoon to walk around the nursery. I am helping Columbia Crossroads Downtown set up their nursery in our new building, so I mentioned that I thought they had a great system going and maybe we could go check it out for some added ideas! So I called today to set that up!

I am also making a meal for a friend from our Community Group (Bible study) who just had a baby. So, I guess today I WILL be cooking in my own kitchen.

I think I will straighten up the house, walk Abe, and actually make our bed! Thank-you Jesus for another day of rest!

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