30 Day Challenge!


So, a friend of mine from my Community Group sent out an email to us ladies in which she shared that she has been feeling kind of yucky and lazy and tired of winter! Oh, I can agree! I long for sunshine and sitting by the pool this summer! I am so ready for warm weather and summer to arrive!

She challenged us to do a 30 day challenge where each day we spend 30 minutes with Jesus reading His word and spending time with him!

When I first read this, I kind of cringed.... "OH NO!" I thought. I do not think I can do this!!! My quiet times with the Lord are too far and inbetween and I definitely have not been seeking Him daily as of late. I mean, I go to Bible studies, church, and occasionally Hart and I spend time together this way, but when I really think about it, I have become so complacent in my heart towards the Lord!

So, I am writing right now, that I am going to try, not in my own stength because I WOULD fail, but by the power of God to go through this challenge: for 30 days, spend 30 minutes in God's word, reading and praying!

Hopefully, I can share what I am learning on here over the next month! Wanna join me in this challenge? We are going to start tomorrow!

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