My Valentine


Lately, I've been thinking, how is our life going to change after the baby comes? I was a little depressed on Saturday because even in the midst of our excitement of a baby, there are so many things that are going to change. It will no longer be TWO of us, now it will be three. Will we ever have time together again? I know couples with newborns and it doesn't seem so! Already, our focus is about a baby, and not on each other at times. Am I going to miss Hart? Sometimes, I already miss him. Will I miss him more?

Despite my doubts, I am sure of my God. I am sure of His plan for us and that including our little one. I am sure we will grow in ways that I cannot even imagine! We already have since our first times hanging out:

Now, if I look sick in this photo, it is because the first two months of our dating, I was in the hospital! Yet, Hart, was my Valentine then, even though I didn't know how much he loved me or that he would really stick around long enough to be my husband! I thought we knew each other then, because how many couples go through such a tremendous trial together?

It has been 5 Valentine's days that we have spent together, only two married, but each one is sweet and special because I find even more than the year before to love about my love!

I was not expecting anything at all for Valentine's Day this year. He asked me if he could make lunch for me and I thought that was sweet enough and that he was at least trying to make it special. I mean now, we are planning for a baby to come in September, and have to save everything, right? Well, this morning Hart woke me up with a necklace and earrings from Handpicked! It was so sweet and I was so shocked at his surprise! He's a sweetie! Somehow, in that moment, a material gift made me feel like the most beautiful princess on this planet! All my doubts disappeared that I had been feeling. I just loved the man who loved me back! I'm so thankful for a godly husband and for a man that is going to be a great daddy! I cannot wait for the next Valentine's day when our baby will be 5 months old, Lord willing! Gosh, that is crazy to think about!

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