Content with a Cold


Whenever I blog, I am not sure what is going to come out of my mind. Right now, I am fairly content. Even though I am battling the worst cold that I have had in a LONG time, God is good to me. I have felt miserable, felt like I was suffering between the blows in the tissue, and the pounding headache. You might wonder how I can still be content, after all, I have used an entire box of tissues in basically 24 hours. But my answer would be that it is because of Jesus. He suffered for me, a lot worse than I could ever imagine, and he died for me. He died for you. You can deny this truth all your life, but it is still truth.

I am in a beautiful part of the country, celebrating our first year of marriage with my amazing husband. On our way here, Hart prayed that we would serve each other out of love. So here we are all the way in Montreat, NC, where he has gotten his fill! He has gotten me water cup, after cup, tissues, medicine, and sat beside me in a house, all because he loves me! We could be out hiking a mountain, but he doesn't complain. So I am content because he helped make a delicious meal for us on top of all else! I don't deserve this man! Yet, God is good. He is gracious. I'm so blessed!

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